Maintaining the Dog Friendly Area at Arm Brook Park

125 Lockhouse Rd. Westfield MA 01085

Westfield Dog Bark Friends​  INC.

PO Box 1915

Westfield, MA 01086

Westfield Dog Bark Friends, INC.  strives to provide a safe social environment for you and your dog(s). By using this park you agree that you understand and assume all responsibility and liability for the risks of unleashing your dog(s) in this facility. Westfield Dog Bark Friends, Inc. is not a supervised facility, therefore users are required to abide by the rules and etiquette at all times while on the premises and proper supervision of your dog(s).  The use of the Westfield Dog Bark at Arm Brook is entirely at your own risk and the risk of your dog(s). The future of this area depends on behaving responsibly and obeying all the rules. Westfield Dog Bark Friends, Inc.  urges it’s users to behave and display common courtesy and respect for the property as well as the park users. We realize human socialization is a great added value to the park, but please remember that your first priority is the proper supervision of your dog(s). *Users of Westfield Dog Bark at Arm Brook Park assume all risk of injury to themselves, to others, and to their dogs.  Westfield Dog Bark Friends, Inc. is providing the maintenance of Westfield Dog Bark, a dog friendly area at Arm brook Park , but is not responsible for the actions of patrons and their dog(s).

The Westfield DOG BARK FRIENDS, Inc. is not responsible and shall have no liability for the acts or omissions of individuals or their animals that utilize the dog park.  You are liable for any injury or damage caused by your animal.

-The Dog Park is open from 7:00 a.m. until 7pm   or Seasonal Dusk to Dawn
-The Dog Park will be closed periodically during the year to accommodate special events for Westfield Dog Bark Friends, Inc.
-Dogs must have a valid license, be current on their shots (rabies!) and wear a collar with identification.
-In the event of dog bite or injury, the owner/guardian/handler must exchange current tag information, phone number and show photo ID.
-Choke, prong, pinch and spiked collars must be removed when your dog is within the dog friendly area.
-Absolutely No Electric collars or tight muzzles
-Carry a leash at all times.
-Leash your dog when entering and exiting the park and immediately upon any sign of aggression.

-Quickly move away from the entrance area as you enter.
-Keep your dog within view and under voice or signal control.
-Never leave your dog unattended. 
-Abandonment of animals is prohibited, Fine able and punishable by law
-Supervise your dog(s) as they move around the park. 
-Clean up after your dog anywhere within the park and outside the fenced area
-Dispose of waste properly, utilizing appropriate waste receptacle.
-Immediately fill in any holes your dog digs.
-Limit two (2) dogs per person per visit.
-No bicycles within the dog park.
-No commercial use of the Westfield Dog Bark at Arm Brook Park.
-Children under the age of 8 are NOT ALLOWED in the park. Children over 8 must be accompanied by an adult with a dog.
-No food or drink (except for training treats) allowed within the dog park.
          *NOTE: The picnic tables are for the dogs to play on. Feel free to sit, but food or drink for humans is not allowed within the fenced area.

Aggressive dogs, females in heat, dogs younger than six months old and sick dogs.        

The above regulations shall be enforceable by any city/state police officer, animal control officer, Westfield Dog Bark Friend and they have the authority to eject any person who violates these rules.

If you see animal abuse call

Westfield Animal Control or the Westfield Police Department